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    Rogue System Sensor Email Alerts not showing information

      EPO Server 4.0 (Build 1333), RSD 2.0.0 (405) running on DHCP Servers.


      When i have a RSS / RSD Rogue detection my email alerts look like this:



      Time: 8/4/10 11:00:52 AM

      Computer: Not Available - Not Available

      Description: New Rogue System detected

      Number of events: 1

      Source computer IP addresses: Not Available

      FileName: Not Available

      Threat: Not Available

      Product Families: ePO Server

      DNS Name: Not Available

      IP Address: Not Available

      Netbios Name: Not Available

      MAC Address: Not Available

      Last Detect Time: Not Available


      and in EPO I have the alert template like this:


      Time: {TimeNotificationSent}

      Computer: {AffectedComputerNames} - {AffectedComputerIPs}

      Description: {EventDescriptions}

      Number of events: {ReceivedNumEvents}

      Source computer IP addresses: {SourceComputers}

      FileName: {AffectedObjects}

      Threat: {ReceivedThreatNames}

      Product Families: {ReceivedProductFamilies}

      DNS Name: {DnsName}
      IP Address: {IPV4}
      Netbios Name: {NetbiosName}
      MAC Address: {MAC}
      Last Detect Time: {setOfLastDetectedTime}


      Anyone able to help me fix this? Id love to see some real information show up from these sensors.






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