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    ePO Web Interface Timeout


      Can anyone please tell me how long the idle timeout is for an established session on the McAfee ePO web interface?  Additionally, can the default timeout be changed and (if so) where?  Thanks!

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          Please see KB 51641 for details


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            By default, if you are on a screen in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.x that does not refresh automatically, the session times out after being idle for 30 minutes. However, if you are on a screen that refreshes automatically, the session does not time out.

            To verify if the screen refreshes automatically, look at the three icons in the upper right of the window. The middle icon will either be two arrows (manual refresh) or a clock (automatic refresh).


            To change the default session timeout from 30 minutes:
            1. Click Start, Run, type explorer and click OK.
            2. Navigate to:

              Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\conf\

            3. Right-click web.xml and select Open With, Notepad.
            4. Click Edit, Find and search for session-timeout.
            5. Change the current entry from 30 to the desired number in minutes (maximum is 10,000 minutes).
            6. Click File, Save.
            7. Click File, Exit.
            8. Click Start, Run, type services.msc and click OK.
            9. Right-click the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.x Application Server service and click Restart.





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              Great!  Thank you both!