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    AutoUpdate Clients When We Want


      We have it setup to auto download the newest DAT whenever it is ready (our schedule pull). The problem is, even though I have setup a client task to update at 9pm at night as soon as the DAT is download in ePO it goes out to wake up all agents and this is where I believe it is telling the agent to download the latest dat. So it is circumventing our autoupdate at a specific time. I would also like to setup a test Server/PC to get the latest dat and then if ok, send it to the rest of the clients. Enlight of what happen in April (the bad DAT download corrupting machines) I heard we can set it up so the latest DAT doesn't get pushed to the clinets until we approve it.


      For example, today the ePO server downloaded the new 6064 dat, at 12:14pm PDT, half an hour later the clients got updated and I cannot for the life of me find out where and why that happened? It is not following the update tasks we have set.