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    Error while reading TCP/IP response from remote system, possible firewall or agent policy blocking agent to server HTTP response



      We are in the middle of upgrading our clients to VS8.7 using a task which essentially installs on top of the existing VS8.5 console.

      For the most part this has been succesful, however on a number of clients the install is failing.

      What's worse, is that it appears to install some form of corrupt version of VS8.7 over VS8.5 but keeps VS8.5 and this is what it calls back to ePO as.

      Agen wakeups work fne to these affected clients, however if we assign a task to remove VS8.5 fully... it cuases a port blocking issue from the corrupt VS version and then fails any further agent communication from ePO to client.

      This is the error we get above.

      Any ideas?