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    New TPS Bug (Aug 2010)?

      I posted this under Resource Usage a few minutes ago, but thought I'd open a new thread as the problem seems to be larger than just a inconvenience caused by TPS using more than its share of resources:


      I noticed that my one laptop running TPS was getting really slow a couple of days ago - this morning notice that it was incredibly slow and running very warm (board temp is now 70 with no apps running - typically except with big powerpoints running its at 60). Rebooted and temp stayed at 70, one cpu is completely occupied (running at 90+ percent), and the only thing running is TPS. TPS console won't open and mcafee site advisor software (or whatever it is called) says that no virus protection is installed! I called McAfee and was told that this is a new problem that they should have fixed in one or two days. After a bit, I called a second time to learn if there was anyway to keep TPS from loading and with broken English was directed as to how to turn it off instead: net stop myagtsvc. This command was still churning away 30 minutes later (30 minutes to shut off a software program!) when I had to leave - so will check back at noon. So, I appear to have a virus protection system that isn't protecting me, eating up half of my system resources, and can't be turned off. This new strategy by McAfee is a puzzler.


      So - 1. what exactly is the problem that McAfee's support technician said was at fault? 2. is the one to two day solution time estimate accurate? 3. if TPS is apparently autistic now, will it automatically fix itself in any case through some download from McAfee (which is what the technician said would happen)? 4. So until this fix is rolled out, is there actually anyway to really disable TPS in the meantime so my laptop won't fry itself and system response will go back to normal through freeing up 50% of my resources that TPS is now using for apparently no good purpose? 5. Why doesn't McAfee have some client notification service to keep users abreast of these sort of problems? 6. What options are available for contacting user support in a timely fashion - sitting on hold for 30+ minutes doesn't cut it (you'd think McAfee had been bought by my cable company)?

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          I am having a similar problem.


          I have 4 home computers all running TPS.  No other programs are running when I try to do an update because the automatic update failed.


          The version of TPS that I am running on 3 of my computers (2 desktops with 4gb memory , 1 laptop with 2 gb memory) is SecurityCenter Communication Product Version 5.0.0 Patch 6 and Virus and Spyware Protection DAT file version 6062.000, scan engine version 5400.1158.  Each computer is running XP, none of them will update as each locks up when trying to do an update because myagtsvc.exe and topsconsole.exe together take 100% of CPU usage.   The laptop is also running very very hot.


          The other laptop with 3 gb memory runs Windows 7 and updated fine today - it is running DAT file version 6063.000.

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            yep, sounds like the same thing - from what the technicians were saying earlier and your comments, I have to assume that this is a big problem brewing for them. Just to update, the command that I was told to issue earlier did in fact not stop TPS from running (don't know when in the last four hours it faiiled, but it was kind enough to eventually say that it couldn't stop TPS from running). I've spent my lunch hour trying to reach McAfee to get them to answer my original question = how do you keep TPS from loading on startup, which technician answered with this useless information. The first call, I was on hold for half an hour (not counting the brief conversation with their gatekeeper to ensure that I was authorized to get this "premium" support) - the technician finally answered and immediately hung up! If anyone from McAfee monitors these boards, I'd suggest you do something real quick to improve customer service. The second call (another 30 minutes of my life I'm not getting back), has never even been answered.

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              Thanks Intercept for running with this issue with McAfee support.  I am reluctant to start down that route myself because it is so time consuming but I probably will have to do so to get this sorted out.  Since I only use McAfee for home computers, I will probbaly just abandon McAfee and buy a different product - it is easier.


              BTW, we also run TPS in my business (about 35 users) with no problems.  The Dell laptop my daughter has which is running hot and has the problems is exactly the same as my work laptop.  I have no problems with my work laptop at all.  I turned off the Browser Protection and Firewall Protection on my daughter's laptop (reverted to Wndows Firewall) as my work laptop did not have these.  This did not solve the problem.


              Also BTW, I started looking into this problem in the Home and Home Office threads and McAfee has similar resource issues with those products so it is a much wider issue.

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                Just out of curiosity, when did your problems start? As perhaps noted above, performance has been getting worse, particularly the delays in IE loading on this machine for several days, but it wasn't until this morning that I saw one cpu devoting all of its efforts to running TPS and internal temperatures heading off to the stratosphere (the CPU in question was running steady at about 100 C). Over lunch, I finally gave up on playing nice with McAfee support (if anyone there is checking, where should I send the bill for the two hours of my time that you've wasted today?) and killed this and that until I got TPS to shutdown. Usage on the system dropped immediately to 3% and temperatures dropped back to normal which would seem to confirm that TPS was indeed the culprit (was a little afraid that some virus or malware had taken over - well, I guess you could call TPS malware at this point). Unfortunately, I paid McAfee to 2013 for this service, but think you may be right that the time is now to switch to something that solves security problems rather than create new ones. Only problem is McAfee appears not only to be hard to kill, but to rid completely from your pc as well.

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                  My daughter has been studying abroad and she has been complaining about her laptop overheating and locking up for months.  She came back to the USA yesterday so today was the first opportunity I have had to drill down on the problem.


                  The issue with the two desktops not updatng first arose today as I looked into McAfee on all of the computers.  One last updated on Monday, the other yesterday.  Neither will update today.  It is not a reosurce issue as the CPU usage ends up at 50% (they have 4gb of memory).  The update hangs in the Trying to Connect to the Internet step.  There is nothing wrong with my internet connection and no changes have been made to the systems this week.


                  I don't have time to drill down on these kinds of issues - I expect the software to work today like it did when I first bought it at the end of 2008.  Overall we have lost confidence with the McAfee product.

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                    Hello friends,



                    McAfee is coming up with a completely new version 5.2 very soon. The product is under beta currently and will soon be released worldwide.



                    There are better features and a better performance to name the major changes. Meanwhile, Do all your computers have the Patch 6 on them ?




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                      Hi Sameer


                      Yes, all 4 computers have patch 6.  When was patch 6 released?


                      The problem seems to be the upddlg.exe file.  When I go to restart the 2 desktop computers they will not restart because the upddlg.exe file does not respond so I have to click 'end now'.


                      I have uninstalled McAfee from the laptop as it became unusable because McAfee took 100% of CPU usage.  I'll try reinstalling the software.


                      The above 3 computers all run XP.  The laptop running Windows 7 works just fine.  So I would say it is a combination of upddlg.exe and XP causing the problem.



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                        I've started to experience this problem too.  Probably started around 4-Aug.  The UpdDlg process seems to hang and hog all resources.  I have to use Task Manager to kill the process every time I restart the Dell E6400.  I'm also using XP.                        Any work-arounds McAfee?



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                          I too am experiencing this problem on 2 laptops both running XP Pro.  The problem started around August 4.

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