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    How can I get an NAS drive to work with McAfee?

      I am having real problems with my home network when McAfee is installed..

      My  network consists of two PCs running XP with service pack 3, a Netgear  NAS drive, a laptop with Vista and a BT home hub 2 router.

      All computers  have file sharing set up correctly, no computer names are duplicated,  all have the same network name set etc.  All devices show up on the  network but I cannot read or open files on the different PCs and the  laptop. The only device that I can open files on is the NAS drive -  which clearly does not have McAfee on; the NAS drive cannot  however access my PCs for backing up purposes.

      We have tried  everything; permitted IPs are all set up correctly but even switching  off the firewalls in McAfee makes no difference, nor does  removing and reinstalling McAfee.  If I remove McAfee from a particular PC then other devices on the network can access that  PC perfectly normally - indicating that the problem lies with McAfee.


      The only solution would seem to be to move to  another antivirus/netprotect programme.  But if anyone has any other  ideas that would be much appreciated.