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    Support for VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5i

      Product Management Memo

      Product End of Support


      Date: August 3, 2010


      To: McAfee Customers


      From: McAfee Product Management


      Subject: End of Support for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.5i



      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise


      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.5i (including supported patches), McAfee Installation Designer (MID) 8.5i and the Anti-Spyware plugin 8.5i will reach end of support on

      31 December,




      McAfee shall not provide support for this version of the product and its related components beyond this date. McAfee strongly recommends that customers who are

      still using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.5i make provisions to migrate to the latest version of the product by this date.


      Please contact your account manager or support account manager if you have any questions about this announcement.


      Shesh Gorur

      Sr. Product Manager

      McAfee, Inc.



      on 04/08/10 11:25:33 IST



      on 04/08/10 15:41:16 IST