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    Can someone help with more mcafee problems

      Hi,I can`t seem to keep a working version of Mcafee.This has been the most sickening experiance i have ever had with mcafee.Over the coarse of time that i have bought my new computer this product has not worked properley.I keep hopeing that this is going to get straightened out.But i think i have a bettor chance of kicking my computer across the ocean.My latest mess is that Mcafee does not seem to be updateing.I have dat 6062 but when i tried to update the last few days it hangs up forever.Then when it finallt gets to the part of installing it just cicles and stays on 0% complete.Until it says complete.So today i figured i would give the old MVT a try.Well,would you believe according to mvt Mcafee is`nt installed.again very interesting.I am running a fairly new windows 7 64bit.Which has been upgraded to Mcafee 2010.My experiance with 2009 was not any bettor after my hard drive failed.besides the countless other problems i had with 2009.Can i please get the proper help to have a security product that i don`t have to worry about every week.This is crazy.As far as i`m concerned i should not be haven all these problems from a once proud security company.I know this sounds angry.But those of you that are on here often i`m sure have answered at least 100 of my problems.Here is what MVT found.Well i can`t seem to print the image for some reason.IT says Mcafee virtual tech can not check your computer.Can not find mcafee products on your system??Click here to find a list of supported products.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     thanks Jack

      Maybe attached?

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          Did the McAfee software came with the computer when you purchased it? What brand is it? You say you upgraded to 2010 version of McAfee. How did you do this? Was it automatically pushed or did you get a new version from the McAfee website? I ask this because if you have a Dell then the updates come from a Dell site; if you upgraded from the McAfee website then it's trying to get it from the McAfee website. Maybe the best thing to do is to do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the software. Please follow the steps described in this webpage and use the MCPR tool: How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe).

          Please let us know how it goes.

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            Hey Jubo,

            I made the horrible descision of buying the extended deal.The reason it was a bad descision is because i have had nothing but problem after problem.

            I bought a brand new computer in november with windows 7 & Mcafee 2009 already installed.I have had an unthinkable amount of problems from the 1st day.Including the bad dat that went out not to long ago.Which may or may not have ruined my hard drive.That is up for debate.Moving foward,i had a new hard drive installed (under warranty)thankfully.When i was up & running again i installed Mcafee again.When i installed this time i was updated to the newer version 2010.Like many other people were.I`ts pretty sad when i have come to the conclusion that the Mcafee removal tool works better then the software.Thanks for your help.I am not trying to be an ingrate.But this is crazy!I have been running a new machine & can`t seem to recieve a working version of Mcafee security center.It was working as usual for a little while,but then the wheels fall off again.At this point i don`t know what to do next.I know Mcafee is not the same company everyone was talking about a few years ago.Anyhow so this is my option again the old uninstall and reinstall??If anyone else has any thoughts i would like to hear them.I can`t stomach the thought of dealing with these problems for another 2 years.

                                                                                                                             Thank Jack

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              Hi Jack,

              I fought this problem all day yesterday on 3 computers.  It seems that DAT 6062 has a fairly major problem.  I'm running McAfee Total Protection Service and those PC's that had 6062 on them would not update and all of them had the McAfee service agent process consuming up to 50% of the CPU continuously.  I tried a bunch of things, but in all cases had to completely uninstall using the McAfee Removal Tool, then re-install.  The reinstallation brought down 6063 or 6064 and that worked fine.


              It is very frustrating.  I've been using McAfee Total Protection on my network (7 PC's) for about a year now and mostly it's been pretty good.  This was the first really bad issue, and it took me all day yesterday to deal with.


              Good luck,


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                Hi Jack,


                This happens with MVT usually when the Partner is not supported. Please attach the file from, %appdata%\mcafee\supportability\mvtlogs\results\result.xml


                This helps us debug the issue.




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                  Still not sure if Mcafee is working properly.Today i logged on,& i was only updated to 8/5.That was 2 days ago i believe.Am i the only 1 that is haven never ending problems with all functions of Mcafee security??When i updated manually today,it went to 50% and said update failed.Or something similiar.I then attemted to update again & it updated very quickly.It did`nt even go though the process of showing what percent of install it was at.

                  the dat shows correct date of update & says 6067.But how could it take so long the 1st time & be stuck at 0% installed go to 50% and fail.Then finally install the update in about 5 seconds the second time?  Also computer is maxing out cpu 100% at times?                                 thanks Jack

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                    Hi Jack,


                    This is not a MVT problem. May be the below thread will be of help to you.


                    https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/securitycenter/securitycenter_10_-_2 010




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                      Well that is the ongoing problem.It seems like every 2 weeks there is a problem with a dat or some other problem.I had a newly installed version of Mcafee 2010.I just installed after all sorts of major problems for 7 months.I had it on my computer for 1 week(maybe10 days).Then the problems start again.I have since heard so many bad things about mcafee.From It is a terrible security product to it is a virus itself.Of coarse i don`t believe the last statement.But I will say it again.Why would a good paying costumer have to deal with such an unstable security product.As far as i know,companies try to make the best possible product with the least amount of frustration to the person purchasing their product.Lastly, Raghavendra i understand you were trying to help me but I don`t believe i said which product was not working.At first my Mcafee security center was not updateing correctly.I then figured i would try another popular mcafee product(The MVT).As you can see with my security center just installed Mvt says i have no Mcafee products.After another uninstall and reinstall (which i am now a professional at) I thought i had a working version of Mcafee once again.Well while updating,Mcafee downloaded my update.Then tried to install my update,but the install was stuck at 0% installed for about 2 minutes.Finally it just said install completed.When i looked at the date and the dat it seemed to be updated.Or at least according to Mcafee.But then why,when i have updated in the past it will rise in percent as it is installing??? 20%,49%,80% and 100% installed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks again Jack

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                        I want to know if I am reg with mcafee with antivirus protection/

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                          Hi branmo70,


                          I have edited your username as posting Email in Open Community is vulnerable to misuse. Aswering your query - I was not able to pull up any records under the Email which you used to register an account in our Community.