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    Artemis!FFD5FAB6BE72 Trojan how do I remove it?

      Well Mcafee said it caught the trojan and it shows as being in my virus qurantine 4 times, but I keep getting tabs opening on my browser and it redirects to different sites even though apprantly it was caught. I've scanned with Malwarebytes and Prevx too and they found nothing everything is upto date. I got the trojan from it being embedded in a flvplayer. I've shredded everything to do with it on my computer (35 passes) and i'm still getting the redirects. Artemis!FFD5FAB6BE72 also isn't listed on the Mcafee site but ones with similiar names are. Google doesn't bring up any helpful info about this particular one either.


      Thanks if you can help




      on 02/08/10 15:58:01 CDT