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    ipsec vpn to sonicwall with dyndns?

      SG550 here, and I'd like to set up a VPN connection to a remote that has a dynamic IP running a Sonicwall.  Problem is, when dealing with anything other than a static IP on the snapgear, it requires the use of endpoint IDs.  When I'm doing a snapgear-to-snapgear VPN, that's not a problem, but I'm not sure exactly how to set up the equivalent to that in the Sonicwall, if it's even possible.


      As a dirty hack workaround, I've been able to restore the behavior of older firmwares by replacing the IP with the dyndns name in ipsec.conf and ipsec.secrets, but I'd prefer to do it "right" if possible.  Anybody have experience connecting these two devices in this scenario?

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          If you can setup the sonicwall as agressive mode, I believe it will use its serial number as the ID...but you would need to confirm this.


          Try the sonicwall kb etc.


          If you can get the sonicwall to respond tothe SG, the SG syslogs will show the ID it is expecting and you can adjust from there.


          But if you already have a working 'hack', that may be easier