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    Machine crashes during scan

      When I run a full system scan, my Sony Vaio running Windows Vista freezes then crashes when it gets to a Program file "Sony/V......ugins/RestoreCDrive.dll".

      Is this a corrupted file? if so, how do I replace it? Or is it malware? If so, how can I eliminate it?

      Thanks for your help



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          Hi Cobdens,


          I think this Sony/V......ugins/RestoreCDrive.dll file is a system file on your sony vaio computer. Do you have any other antivirus / antispyware software's installed on your computer  & have you made any changes to your computer in the recent past like restoring or re-formatting ...?




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            Hi Rakesh.

            No, I only have McAfee running. I have contacted Internet chat but I have not made any progress.

            I tried looking up the file in Windows Explorer, but when I right click to look at properties, the machine just freezes.

            I have had many crashes/freezes with this problem and the only way to get out of the freeze is to turn off the power button, which crashes the machine.

            The scan disk has run but found nothing wrong.

            Nothing I do helps. Can I remove this file and replace it?

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              Can you get us the complete path of this file please....

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                Hi Rakesh,


                The full path to this file is


                C:\Programe Files\Sony\Vaio Recovery\plugins\RestoreCDrive.dll


                I have tried scanning for viruses but the scanner always crashes the computer when it gets to this file.

                I have tried deleting this file but the computer freezes as soon as I right click on it.

                I am concerned that the file is infected but I cannot run a virus scan because the scanner crashes my laptop.

                Do you have a way of solving this problem?







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                  I did not get past the first advice. In Vista, when I click Start: there is no "Run". So I could not go further.

                  What am I missing?

                  Thanks for any help you can give. I just need to delete the corrupted plugin file and replace it but the machine freezes everytime I try and delete it.

                  Is there a clever deletion software that can delete corrupted files without freezing the machine?

                  Thanks for your help