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    HelpAssistant remote user exception on EEM

      I configured an exception for the HelpAssistant remote user so that it would not overwrite the users SSo deteails, but still did it.



      - <SafeBoot>
      - <SetSbPwd>
      - <Exclusions>
      <User name="__vmware_user__" />
      <User name="__ASPNET__" />
      <User name="__HelpAssistant__" />

      My Director can not log in to his laptop since Friday and is very important that I get a fix for this.  He was having someone from the desltop remote in to his laptop and the HelpAssistant account was used and re-wrote the SSO details of the laptop and he was not able to log in once he rebooted.

      I need to know why the exception is not working, and how to fix it.