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    How to have Active Directory User/Group Restriction in McAfee Web Gateway 7.0



      We’ve newly deployed McAfee Web Gateway 7.0 in VMWare to create and export rules so that we can deploy this version in our Appliance running with McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.6 build 6257 to reduce deployment/configuration downtime.


      What we want to do is:

      • Group 1 (in Active Directory server) will have access in only certain web categories, i.e. “Finance / Banking” and “General News”
      • Group 2 will have access only “Stock Trading”
      • Group 3 will have access all categories but “Pornography / Nudity”
      • Remaining Active Directory users will have access only in “User defined category 1” and “User defined category 2”
      • IP based access for (no authentication required) Guest Laptop users will have access all sites but “Pornography / Nudity” and “Risk / Fraud / Crime”


      Would you please guide us how to do it in McAfee Web Gateway 7.0?


      I’ve done trying to migrate from McAfee Web Gateway 6.8, and done followings and need your help on the process:

      • Downloaded MWG7 listConverter Version
      • Downloaded backup from existing appliance (McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.6 build 6257)
      • When loading the backup file, got errors (attached)
      • Clicked continue
      • It’s running for last 1 hour



      Is it okay to have mentioned errors? How long it should take to extract my 2.95 MB backup file?



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