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    Help-have I missed something

      I normally use a shotcut from my favorites to come to the site.

      However for the last couple of days if I click on it, I  have getting a warning that


      There is a problem was this website security certificate.

      {the cetificate presented by this website was issued from a different website address]


      Needless to say I havent done anything further.


      The address on the shortcut was: forums.mcafeehelp.com/community/home

      I have now deleted it and replaced it with: community.mcafee.com/community/home

      but am now wondering if somewhere along the line I have got an infection of some sort which changed



      Mcafee doesnt find anything neither does Malwarebytes.


      I am using Xp SP3

      Mcafee Internet security suite,  virusscan ver 14.5  build 14.5.113 Dat6060





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