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    McAfee Total Protection

      I need to disable Total Protection temporarily (don't ask) - how do i do it?





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          I believe the only way to diasble it is to uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. Then go to Useful links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool which will remove any traces of mcAfee left that failed to completely remove through the normal uninstall. Don't forget to reboot again and when you are ready to reinstall the software login to your online McAfee account and download your software and install it.


          A few years ago you could disable certain functions but this version works differently.

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            I would add you can click on virus and Spyware protection and Real time scanning and disable it for x minutes etc similirly with firewall and anti spam etc but I think the files are still loaded. I do not know if this disabling is enough for your needs.


            I am curious why though yes I asked..

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              Thanks guys. Think I found how to do it - right-clicked the 'M' symbol in the system tray; selected 'Change settings' then 'Real-time scanning', followed by clicking on 'Turn off'in the 'Real-Time Scanning' window.


              Peacekeeper, seeing you asked, I got a nasty piece of Malware which McAfee didn't stop and couldn't remove - 'Security Tool'. To remove it, (via a very useful Help Forum) I needed to disable virus protection temporarily.


              Very late now so signing off.


              Thanks for responding both of you.



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                Managed to find solution myself - posted in my last reply.

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                  When you wake up what change settings makes me think you have another version than me . What version of security centre have you?


                  Ok I assume you reworded that ie click on real time scanning  and choose RTS settings and disable it. there is no change settings option in 10.5.194



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                    Hi Peacekeeper,


                    Just looking through old postings to find a few more tweaks and notied this one.


                    My version has (2010 - 10.5.196) and previous updates also had a Change Settings option when right clicking the task bar icon.


                    Maybe you're thinking of the Security Center settings panel and its options.

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                      Gees learn something new every day. Rarely use that option so forgot it is there. I usually just open the GUI and go from there.

                      Taa muchly


                      What firewall build have you 135 or higher?



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                        Sorry guys - been away.


                        How do I check version of Total Protection? Looked but can't see it.



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                          Once again. found it myself now.


                          It's Security Center v10.5.


                          Hope this helps.



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