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    Scheduled Scan issue

      A general question I guess, but when on McAfee Security Center when you make a scheduled scan, does it run in the background? The reason i'm asking is because I just use the default scan option which is Saturday mornings at 4 AM (Computer is on at the time, with only a screen saver being used). I use the computer the next day and notice no pop up screen about the Scan results, but open up McAfee and notice that it has scanned at the time. But I noticed with manual scans it pops up and shows you the progress, and even if you choose "Run in Background" you can still open it up when you choose to see the progress again.


      So out of curiosity, I set the scheduled scan to be 5 minutes away (So at 5:20 pm today I set it to start at 5:25 pm today. Or 5:25 pm on all Fridays, and today is Friday) so I can see if anything pops up. Nothing does and I can still open up McAfee Security Center and it does not appear that anything is happening. I waited about 10 minutes to see if it would update any progress but it didn't appear to do so, at least not in the McAfee main window.


      Now I put the scheduled scan back to the default settings, so it will scan at 4 AM tomorrow (or tonight, depending how late you're up) to see if it just doesn't update until the scan is finished, but i'm wondering if someone can tell me what the deal is? Does it run in the background and then updates the scan history once the entire scan is complete? Or is something just wrong with my system?


      I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium. It's a Dell Inspiron 560s and the computer's only about 11 days old. Any help would be very much appreciated.


      EDIT: Also worth mentionining i'm running Security Center verson 10.0, build 10.0.580. I've checked for updates and am up to date it tells me.



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          With the new version of McAfee, your system has to be idle for 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time in order for it to run.  This is a change since the older version, and in my opinion, a big inconvenience.  This was the first problem I reported a number of weeks ago and I found out that the system has to be idle for a long time.  In fact, the McAfee folks tried to talk me into shutting off my screen saver and power saver to insure there was no activity, but I refused.  So far, it does work if the system is idle for a while.


          One downside to this and I guess the McAfee support team can't turn this off - when they tried to help with my scheduled scan and long runnign scan, we could not run a scheduled scan with the chat session active.  So we had to shut it down, and then getting back to the same person is magic.

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            Ah ok, thanks for the explanation. After making this thread I actually searched the issue on google and on these boards and found people bringing it up. I guess I should have searched first before posting. I can see their good intentions with it not interfering with something, especially if i'm playing a game or watching a video or DVD, but even in the event that it pops up and you're doing something (Like it did when I had Norton on my old computer), I can just stop or pause it and then resume the scan when i'm done again.


            Thanks for your help, but now that leads me to this question: Say the computer is idle and the scan starts, and in the middle of the scan I go to use my computer...will the scan continue, stop, or pause?

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              Once the scan starts it will continue to run. You can use the computer but it will run somewhat degraded while the scan continues.

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