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    re-install with multiple partitions


      Hi all,


      I got the question if it is possible to do the following:


      1. Create two partitions on a disk, c:\ for OS, d:\ for data;
      2. Install Windows on c:\ and install EEPC;
      3. Encrypt only the d:\ partition;


      Now, the user starts using the system (he boots, logs to EEPC Pre Boot Environment and logs on to Windows). The user can now use both c:\ and d:\ drive.

      It the system gets stolen and the EEPC MBR is overwritten, the system will boot into Windows, but will not be able to access d:\. The same when the disk is take out of the notebook and installed in another system. Right, exactly what we want.


      But... The idea is to have a quick re-installation of Windows (i.e. by means of an image or RIS (PXE)). So, the user now wants the OS needs to be reinstalled.

      When reinstalling Windows, the MBR gets overwritten and the encryption key is gone, so, no access to the data on d:\.


      Then EEPC is installed again in the new Windows. So a new encryption key is generated, the EEPC MBR is written. But still no access to d:\, because of a different encryption key.


      So, the questions are:


      1. Is it possible, after re-installing Windows, to have the system not get a new EEPC device ID, but let it have the same ID as it used to have?
      2. Is it possible to 'deploy' the old encryption key to EEPC on that machine?


      My opinion is that both options are not possible, so their idea will not work.

      I'd like to know what you think...


      By the way, I'm on EEPC (5600).