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    Various errors are OK ?

      Over the past month, I have gone through a series of chats and a call in an effort to clean up various errors, and scan issues with McAfee.  I can almost see the finish line, but I'm not quite there.  The errors that remains are in 2 categories:

      1.  When I run the Registry Mechanic program, it can clean up all of the errors on my system with the exception of 5 that are rated "high" and in McAfee areas.  During my most recent chat, I ran the Registry Mechanic while the McAfee support person watched and in the end I got the usual response "if McAfee says your system is Ok, then there is no problem"

      2. Before most, if not all, of my chats with McAfee I would run the McAfee Virtual Technician.  For a long time, I had 2 errors and then finally down to 1 that reported a problem with the firewall.  Some of the support people have no idea what to do with the Virtual technician.  The last 2 fell back on the usual response of "if McAfee says your system is OK, then there is no problem".  During a brief phone call today, I was told to ignore the errors from the Virtual Technician because it's not always accurate !!!


      Prior to today's cleanup, uninstall, reinstall, the support folks also could not get through the quarantined files.  When trying to view the files in order to delete them, the session would hang and we would have to cancel and restart.  We'll never know what happened here because the quarantine was cleaned out as part of the McAfee cleanup that was run today.


      These are just a few of the errors that I encountered while trying to get the scheduled scan to run and then to get it to run in less than 5 hours.  In my opinion, the McAfee software itself was damaged or infected, but that can't be an issue.  I spent an inordinate amount of time going through the same script with McAfee support personnel and repeating the same steps.  During one chat, when I tried to get the McAfee person to listen to my issues and in particular the Virtual Technician, he just canceled the chat session.  Also, as I stated in another post, not one McAfee person suggested to me to change the setting for the "minimal resource usage".


      At this point, both the manual scan and scheduled scan are working and in a reasonable amount of time; and since McAfee says my system is Ok I guess I'll live with the other errors for a while.  On the othe hand, I still have about 30 days to cancel my subscription which was just recently renewed.