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    Faulty Ram caused GEM/DAT/SuperDAT installation failure


      Not a help request just a posting to let everyone know my recent experience (and hopefully it might help someone out in the future)


      I've been liaising the McAfee technical support with a problem with one of my computers where it was regularly failing to install the incremental GEM updates and then attempting to install the 60Mb avvXXXX-dat.zip (and sometimes failing that).


      After 2 wipes and re-installs the problem still persisted. In the end i decided to test the hardware, low and behold MEMTEST picked up on a number of errors up in one of the RAM modules.


      I replaced the module and so far everything is fine.


      I can only assume that as VSE/Framework service was extracting the compressed DATs in RAM and the memory fault would cause checksum errors and then this would cause the update to fail.



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