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    Please HELP


      I've purchased McAfee Internet Security 2010 CD via retailer. I've installed and un-installed it 3-4 times since the time i've purchased it (through the CD and never un-installed it properly). Now this time during activation process, it asks for the Product-Key OK, when entered it asks for the e-mail address and password OK but when it tries to activate the product it says YOU HAVE NO LICENSE REMAINING FOR THIS SUBSCRIPTION and LICENSE INCLUDED WITH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION 1, LICENSE USED 4 then it asks me to buy 1 license for the product to activate.


      What should i do please HELP me. I've never gave my CD to anyother and i never installed it on any other computer. For reference i'm attaching the error it shows during activation.

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          Hello Atif,

          Please run the removal tool from Useful links at the top of this page
          Restart your computer and reinstall the Mcafee programs
          Try activating your products again with the same product key and it should work this time.

          Please let me know if any issues around this.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator