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    mcafee ePO4.0 database 250Gb



      My mcafee epo4.0 database .mdf has grown to 250Gb

      my log.LDF was much less before running "delete from ePOevents where ReceivedUTC < 07/01/2010" & go

      commands. now log.LDF is 175Gb and I have run out of disk space!


      initially my events in the ePOserver had grown so much that the server was always crushing once you try to open then

      and now I wanted to reduce the events then the do a backup and shrink the database


      please any idea of how I may get out of this quagmire!

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          It sounds like your DB is running in either the Full or Bulk-Logged recovery model, which means that the transaction log needs to be maintained - it will grow continually otherwise.

          I would recommend putting the DB into the Simple recovery model, and truncating the transaction log - see the Microsoft website for details on these procedures.


          HTH -