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    Quick question about Mcafee 2010

      I am sure this may have been asked before,but i am not sure of answer.I was recentely updated to 2010.I was wondering if all Mcafee items under services for Windows 7 should start as automatic.Except for virus scan i was not sure.Can anyone tell me if they should all be auto?I have a few that were manual.Also still haveing a delayed green light in my windows action center.I believe security center is set as auto(delayed).So some times my windows action center will says unprotected or all items are off?After a few minutes the warnings change back to protected.Is this normal for windows 7?If you have windows 7 and log on to your computer.Then type action center in start (search for programs & files) would action center show as unprotected?If anyone with windows 7 and Mcafee 2010 could let me know i would really appreciate it.This has been driven me nuts.I am not sure if this is a problem or if this is the way it works because of a delayed start.              Thanks in advance Jack

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          Hello newjack,

          Windows Action Center uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to acquire information about the installed Anti-virus and Firewall applications, and their current status. In some cases, the Action Center may show outdated or misleading information due to problem in WMI repository. As long as your security programs shows that your computer is secure , YES, it is secure and you do not have to manually change/alter any items as they are set default while installing .


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Hi Dinish,O.k so as long as Mcafee says protected,your saying my computer is safe to surf the internet when i log in.Even though action center says all items are turned off?This usually will last for only a few minutes.I just want to make sure i don`t go on the internet without protection.I am sure you know much more about this then i do.It just does not sound right.Are all the default settings automatic for Mcafee?

                                                                                                    Thanks for your time,


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              Hi Jack,


              I would venture to say when you had installed McAfee on your computer that the installation files changed whatever settings it requires for the software to function as it is designed to.  Dinz is the expert here so I will leave additional comment for him to say.

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                Hi Tom, It is a long story.But basically my hard drive went.I had mcafee 2009.When i had the computer running again i downloaded Mcafee & recieved my 2010 update.I have had the action center problem before & after the drive failure.So i am going to hope that what Dinz says about this is correct.

                Since i am new to the 2010 version i am not sure about the settings in windows services.To make sure i am protected. I was wondering if all the service settings other than virus scan are set to automatic start.                       Thanks,Jack

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                  If it's any help here's a pic of my Services in Windows 7 Ultimate x64, click to enlarge if necessary.   They shouldn't be altered from whatever McAfee sets them to.  I only have SecurityCenter, VirusScan, Firewall, SiteAdvisor Plus + Quickclean & Shredder installed by the way so yours may vary.







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                    Hi Ex-brit, Thanks very much for posting services for me.I actually have the same installed on mine.Since i don`t need the other 2 items.At least now i can have something to compare it to.

                    Thanks for all of the help again.                                                                      Jack

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                      You're welcome.