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    Sorry, more ePO 4.5 server upgrade questions

      Currently at ePO version 4, SP2 and in need of update to ePO version 4.5 SP3.


      Sorry I am not the best Googler out there need to come to you for help.  I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find a concrete answer for in the Installation Guide or Read Me file.


      1.  It appears that I cannot jump from ePO 4.0 SP7 directly for an upgrade ePO 4.5 SP3 due to Java differences?  I must have at least SP3 but less than SP7?  I don't see ePO SP3 listed with my Grant Number any more.  If I need it where can I get it?


      2.  If I get the upgrate to 4.5 to work, is ePO 4.5 backwards compatible with my versions of McAfee Agents?


      Your help is appreciated.