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    Agent Handler installed - priority for agents wrong



      We've installed a agent handler in a DMZ. Connections between AH and EPO are working, and communication from DMZ agents to AH is working.


      But now we have a problem:  


      - with the FramePkg from the EPO  the agents only try to contact the agent handler in the DMZ and not the existing EPO


      - We set the priority in agent control (German: Agentensteuerung):   1. to EPO  and  2. to  AH  =>  still the same:

                   - Agents will contact the agent handler in the DMZ.  No Agent will contact the EPO.

                    - log-file:  site:  agent handler


      It seems that the EPO do the priority in alphabetical order and not as configered   (FramePkg or agent recovery ! )