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    USB Access Without EEFF

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      My question is based on the following post:




      I understand that users outside the organization can use the USB Drive using the exe file within. MY question is this: Can I send the USB to customer with a user account specific to that customer. Using that account, He/She copies files to the USB and sent it over to our company. we connect it to our PCs with EEFF deployed. An authorized person can access the contents without using customer's account but his. Is this possible? If it does, we can avoid CD/DVDs to transfer files.Does this scenario still record logs of customer actions?


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          Logs of actions in EERM are not recorded at all, but yes, your scenario works, just give them the EERM password. There is no real user accounts on EERM, just a volume password.


          It's pretty difficult to record actions on file operations without installing something to do just that - the beauty of EERM is it does not require admin rights, or any product install to use. Where could it log operations that the user would not be able to delete afterwards? On the stick? Remember, we don't have any special rights in user space, so the "secrecy" of what we can do is really limiting.