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    Any known issues between Veritas and HBSS HIPS 7?

      We run the Veritas Netback 6.5.5 client on servers with HIPS 7 patch 7 installed.  The Veritas backup will hang and at the same time The Framesvc will stop communicating (can't stop it) and communications with ePO stop.  Also McAfeefire GUI will not load,  Cannot log off the server (get "can't end Firetray error popup") and Server won't reboot (have to hard boot) as processes appear hung. Once rebooted the issue is resolved until  next time.


      This happens a lot but not all the time. When it does it is exactly when the Veritas Netbackup is running. We see it  on Domain Controllers and File Servers (user data/profiles/etc.). Server 2003 SP2.   First started noticing this with HIPS Patch 6.