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    Install issue solved

      In case it's useful to anyone in the future, in XP Pro SP3 32 couldn't install Total Security 2010 over Internet Security [where subscription was expiring] -- same thing went fine in Vista HP 32 & 7 Ult. Problem turned out to be restrictive permissions in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section of Windows' registry. Do not know when/how/why they got set that way, but TS 2010 install would silently fail, whether using CD-based install, download install etc, & McAfee utilities would of course not help.


      All in all a truly dismal experience, after trying to run the different setup files with every option but Security Center turned off [quicker], trying the couple utilities I found on McAfee.com,  & then trying the same thing in Safe Mode & after using msconfig to turn off any potential conflicting services/drivers. I wound up performing the basic Security Center install from CD in win 7's XP Mode virtual machine.while logging everything with InstallWatch Pro... from there I exported a few .reg files with all the changes/additions TS 2010 made to the XP Mode registry -- back in XP Pro proper these files wouldn't merge with or into Windows' registry. Setting the necessary permissions install from CD worked, though updating to current versions from within TS 2010 didn't -- wound up doing the download install which worked fine.


      Before I blamed TS 2010 for the mess, I backed up the registry with ERUNT, restored an ERUNT backup from before the attempted installation, & booted into XP Pro Safe Mode -- the same registry keys had the same restrictive permissions... they might have been set by Internet Security 2010, or who knows what software, but in fairness it wasn't Total Security's fault.

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          Thank you for posting this information.

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            Hi there,


            I am glad for you that you resolved your issue with installing a McAfee product. But your problem sounds so similar to mine:


            I have tried to re-install McAfee Internet Security Suite on a Windows XP SP3 computer, but for no reason (which I can find) it stops installing: I have tried the removal tool from McAfee, clean booting, deleting all unnecessary files and up till now without any change. I even tried re-installing McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009, but it fails even to install the security centre. Since I read your response here, I am convinced that I have the same problems with the register: Could you please tell me which register keys I need to change to be able to install McAfee again?


            Thanks in advance

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              This link may help you with your issue. http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100119

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                Thank you very much for your help: I found something similar in this forum!


                I will try it. You will hear from me if it worked!

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                  I am sorry to have to inform you that all your help was in vain!


                  I am still unable to install McAfee: It keeps telling me that McAfee is unable to install security software!


                  Any more suggestions? I am getting the feeling I will have to completely re-install my computer, which is gonna take me too much time than I have!

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                    Hello fabbie26,

                    Sorry for  the frustration caused in installing the programs . could you please let us know the following details ;

                    Did we have any other security software installed in the machine ?
                    How old is the computer ?
                    Check for available windows update and install them in the computer .
                    Please attach a screen shot of the error message if it occurs the next time ?


                    Thanks & Regards,
                    Dinesh K
                    McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                      Hello Dinesh,


                      The computer is about 6 years old and it came with CA anti-virus.


                      After a while I started using Panda Internet Security suites. Last year I bought myself McAfee Internet Security Suite and I was able to install the software.


                      Last week I had problems with my computer and I had to put a backup on my computer to a previous state, since then I had a problem with McAfee, because it was continuously updating itself to the new and improved version.


                      I therefore chose to re-install the McAfee suite, but as you can see in vain.


                      Since I am dutch the print screen is in dutch, so I don't think it will help you. But I found a similar print screen in a previous posted message.


                      The computer is up to date! I always make sure manually.






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                        Ok fab,

                        Please follow this below prompts and let me know the status;

                        Check and delete if you have any third party security software in control panel

                        Check and delete if you have the other security software’s files & folders in
                        (1)C:\program files\common files
                        (2) C:\Documents & settings\all users\application data

                        Run the MCPR tool from here
                        Restart  the computer and tap F8 key while it restarts
                        From the advanced boot options menu select safe mode with networking
                        Run the Mcpreinstall tool from
                        here and try installing again from your account page

                        Please report back if we still face the same issue and then it needs some more digging into . Revert back to me with your result, im eagerly waiting to get this resolved for you.



                        Dinesh K
                        McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                          I haven't had the chance to try out all your suggestions, but I will try them out tonight!


                          Hopefully this will resolve the issues I have!

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