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    mcAfee Agent 4.5 Installation on Red Hat Linux Failed


      'Moring All,


      My ePO 4.0 server was upgraded to MR3 succesfully. The Agent Linux Client ( was in Eval. branch.  All Windows clients were successufully deployed. However, using instructions (as in attachment) to install agent on Red Hat Linux (both 32 and 64 bit) failed with the following error message.  (I know nothing about Linux, but I have Linux admin helped me out during the installation.)


      I would appreciate if you could help me out. What does this error message mean? If the source file is corrupted, how can I obtain the uncorrupted file? Well, the ultimate goal is to install McAfee Agent on Linux (both 32 and 64 bits) clients.






      [root@syso hbss]#  ./install.sh  -i
      space required to copy archive is 15993048 bytes
      space  available at mfeSP5049 is 83026927616 bytes
      extracting archive to  mfeSP5049... please wait
      15399+1 records in
      15399+1 records  out
      Archive:  mfeSP5049/package.zip
      warning [mfeSP5049/package.zip]:  -101  extra bytes at beginning or within zipfil
        (attempting to process  anyway)
      request = 0x18446744073709551515
      error [mfeSP5049/package.zip]:   attempt to seek before beginning of zipfile
        (please check that you have  transferred or created the zipfile in the
        appropriate BINARY mode and that  you have compiled UnZip properly)