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    McAfee Agent 4.5 & Windows 7 Custom Image

      Hi there,


      I'm planning to integrate McAfee Agent 4.5 in a custom Windows 7 image (*.WIM). I understand that I've to delete the registry key before packaging the image to avoid UID issues in ePO. But my question is this: Can I do something in this image so that when I install it into a PC and its connected to the network for the first time, ePO will know which folder to add it to rather than adding it under Lost & Found? For example, when I deploy Windows 7 custom image that I made for accounts department, the system should be added to the Account folder in ePO when it first contacts ePO. Is this possible? is there a white paper or something that lists best practices for installing agent using custom images? Are there any other issues I should be aware of in this scenario if I'm planning to use the following:


      Windows 7 x86/x64 platforms

      Office 2010 x86/x64 platforms

      VirusScan 8.7i

      Host DLP 9.0/9.1

      Host IPS/SolidCore

      Policy Auditor


      I don't want to disable firewall, then push agent and then re-enable firewall. I though imaging is a much better solution since we are deploying windows 7 on all PCs.


      Thank you