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    unable to download total protection

           I'm trying to download the total protection online and i keep getting error message saying that i don't have internet connection or the mcafee server is unavailable, I definitely have internet connection, so not sure why its not working?


      Also, keep trying to download online chat for help but also says failure to connect.


      i'm downloading this because also having problems with the wireless and thought perhaps a virus; everytime i shutdown and re-load the wireless internet connection is removed and has to be re-installed.



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          Hi murrayac,

          Please let us know the following information so that we could help you in getting this fixed;

          What is the operating system of the computer ?
          Do we have any other security software in the computer (or in the past)
          Do we receive any virus pop ups in the computer ?
          Try to click on this link :
          http://us.mcafee.com and let me know if we are able to connect to mcafee server .,


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            I am about to cancel my McAfee subscription for this very reason.  Whether I try in Firefox or Explorer, I get a message saying the site cannot be contacted.


            McAfee tech support are no help at all on this.  After quite a while with a tech who assured me he could fix this, I was eventually told it must be a problem in the operating system and I should ask Microsoft; I was given a link which turned out to be for the all-purpose Microsoft UK home page (I am in Canada).



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              Could you post a chat log id number or chat log or some details with tech support about your issue? It will help us to try to get your issue resolved.

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                Sorry took so long to reply, i'm still have the same problems though. I am using windows xp, i have got other virus protection downloaded but expired (bull dog and avg).  I don't think i have received any virus pop-ups. And yes i am able to connect to taht link below. Any ideas?




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                  Have you uninstalled the bull dog and avg software and used their respective removal tools to remove all of the files?