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    SBWinTech: Could not get volume information: E0020018

      I have a Dell Latitude 630 with Safeboot installed on it. I login to the Laptop with the "Safeboot Password" and then the "Windows Password". A few days ago the hard drive started making noise and stopped working. I cannot boot into the system if the hard drive is in the laptop.I do not even see the Safeboot login screen. I do not know what is the version of the safeboot we have on the latop.


      So i brought my own 2.5 inch enclosure and put the hard drive in it. [The IT Department did not have an Enclosure].I used a desktop computer with Windows XP [There is no safeboot on this computer] and it recognizes two hard drives. However they are encrypted. The IT Department also gave me the key "myname.sdb" [Appfix Package]. They also gave me a " safeboot" folder with the following files:






      There is one folder named "SbAlg " within the "safeboot" folder which contains SbAlg.dll.


      I was told to start Sbwintech and then select the two drives one by one and use the key to decrypt the hard drive. However when i click on "sbwintech" i get the following error:

      Could not get volume information: E0020018


      I keep on lcikcing OK and the error message keeps on popping up.


      I have found from the knowledgebase that this means safeboot driver is not present.



      e0020018                         SafeBoot disk driver not present


      Please help me find a solution to this problem and decrypt my hard drive.



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