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    Anyone used ExcludedURLs registry entry for whitelisting in ScriptScan?


      I have been experimenting with the registry entry to exclude URL's from ScriptScan per KB #65382.  And apparently I am not setting this entry correctly, because it does not appear to be working.  I also would like to know if anyone has reviewed KB #66190, which tells how to troubleshoot if setting this entry fails.  It mentions using "ScriptScan debug" which creates an "output file called index", which I have searched and searched to locate and cannot figure out how to debug this ability.


      If you have been successful in whitelisting URL's from ScriptScan, I would appreciate any input.  Excluding a process in this instance is not an option.  I know how that is accomplished.  We need to exclude some internal URL's from scanning.


      Thanks for you time everyone!...