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    Community enabled Whitelist

      If you are MWG administrator you probably already faced the problem:what to do when a "trusted site" is not correctly working.

      Everyone has at least added a bypass for following Web services:


      * WSUS (Microsoft update)

      * WebEx session

      * gotomeeting.com

      * AV update (karspersky,McAfee, Sohos,etc)

      * Java.com

      * .... (many,many more)


      My question: is not possible to have a community enabled or McAfee KB (some KB already exists) containing the MINIMAL settings for permitting such web services ? In the MWG 7.x, we already have such "Global Whitelist", but it wouldn't be really helpful if this list is managed by McAfee, otherwise everyone will continue to maintain a "personal internal bypass" list.


      Cheers Boris

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          Hi, Boris,


          Personal lists are the way to go IMO, what you deam as essential we may not. It depends on what the users are expected to be doing with the internet. We are education focused and thus we don't want them being able to remote connect to systems out side of the network. Gotomeeting and gotoassyst are blocked for the majority of the users but we have extensive white listing for sex ed websites which are required in the schools.





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            maybe I've not explained myself clear enough.

            With such a community based whitelist it doens't means hat we have to allow or deny the traffic, I just want to have a list of sites that are know to cause problems (MS update is the best example). The best would be a list of such services and the configurations necessary to be able to use them. At the moment I'm every time rediscovering the wheel and I have to spend time for debugging.


            I hope it's more clear what I mean.


            Regards Boris

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              Hi Boris,


              I think I follow now, for example autocity.org.uk needs to have a bypass in place on Content Type Adaptation other wise half the page content is missing in 6.8.5. so Some sort of collective list where we can pick and choose our work around's.



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                We vote for this.  We asked the same question to our reps a year ago.  It makes no sense to have to call into support or post here, in order to figure out how to get a well known site to work correctly.

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                  I hear ya!


                  Now as we have introduced this general list concept, even better the rule set concept, we now have the ability to let you export the functionality you have created and share it with others. Others might pick up your work and polish it more change lists, add content, etc.

                  Believe my we have lively discussion on where to put it, who reviews it, what the liability is, etc. But don't let me bother you with what's not yet there

                  This community might be the best place to upload  this functionality - and hey, you could do so already today using the "Attach Files" function of the forum. However, and I think that this is clear, but everything you get from this page is subject to use at your own risk!


                  My best,