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        It may improve their profit, but it doesn't keep costs down. McAfee is just as expensive as other A/V software without the ads.

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          The time it takes to eliminate this specific ad from my screen is not the point.


          It only takes a second to delete an unwanted email and you don't even have to look at that, but look at all the software that's out there to delete/block unwanted spam from your email.


          People in general do not like unwanted advertising no matter how they get it. Email, phone calls, junk mail, pop-up ads all are unwanted. Like I've said before, when you pay for software you should not be forced to watch ads.



          on 11/15/10 8:52:07 AM CST
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            I agree.  We are bombarded with far too much these days.  We Moderators have brought this up time and time again with little effect unfortunately.

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              I spent 60 minutes in a chat session yesterday with someone who could not comprehend the problem even after repeated efforts. I showed him this forum posting and he tried to click the Close button on the image of the pop up ad! If I wasn't fuming from wasting so much time I would have busted out laughing. He asked me twice where the ad pops up (in the lower right hand corner near the task bar) and then said that the ads only appear in Internet Explorer and had nothing to do with McAfee products. When he finally understood the problem, incredibly he turned off my Access Protection and said that would stop the pop up ads. I showed him the help page for Access protection and, without admitting his mistake, he promised to escalate the problem and send a transcript of the chat session via email. It never arrived. My guess is he didn't want to leave evidence of his gross incompetance. This was the second chat session that ended up this way. Please educate your chat newbies to escalate immediately rather than trying to learn-on-the-job and wasting our time.


              I use my computer for high-end real time audio recording. I disable all background process before I start. When the McAfee pop-up ad appears I get distortion in my audio recordings (clicks and pops). I've tried all the suggestions I found in this formum.


              The argument that some people want notification and others don't has absolutely no merit. I'm one who does not want these pop ups but you don't provide a way to stop them. I will never purchase a product that comes to me via a pop up ad. Never. I don't want these pop ups. I will buy a product offered via a popup ad.... Never. A pop up ad that offers a product to me will not result in a purchase. The day that I buy one of your products offered in a popup ad is today plus infinity + 42.

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                you are not alone. and the wave is spreading. the claim that these ads are "necessary" or "wanted" is nonsense. ditto for the lame slapdown that "you just have to click it." this sounds like the 1990's when sprint used to phone you every day to "help" you save money on your phone service. the arrogance! a sense of entitlement to your computer. "our customers will complain when we don't send these." say WHAT? this is not freeware. when i am PAYING you, you need to deliver the service. i am not convinced that mcafee intends to clean this up.


                i've still not reloaded my paid subscription because it was just not worth it. i'm happy with AVG (for free).

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                  Nobody is claiming that they are necessary or wanted but I'm afraid it's a fact of life and I'd be very surprised if you don't get them from quite a few other applications including AVG. 


                  Personally I cannot understand what all the fuss is about every time one of these appears for, what, 2 seconds?


                  Advertising sells products and keeps costs to you down lower than they would be without it.


                  That ad went out simultaneously to every McAfee customer throughout the world, which I believe number around 20 million, and I am sure some people appreciated it.

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                    Ex_Brit, I wish you would choose one position and stick with it. You seem to be arguing both for sides of the discussion. You say it only takes 2 seconds to close it, you don't understand why we are upset, but then say you agree we are bombarded with too many ads and McAfee just doesn't listen to the complaints.


                    The point is, PAID software should not be AD SUPPORTED. Ad supported software is only acceptable when its free-ware or share-ware. When you ask someone to spend $70 for a program you can not also  expect your clients to gladly accept advertisements. People are willing to put up with the annoyance of pop-ups when there is a benefit to them personally, not just a benefit to the company. There is zero benefit to me to have these ads.

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                      I'm trying to see both sides.  McAfee is by no means the only paid software that does this.  About 10 minutes ago my paid Winzip just reminded my to upgrade to a newer version and that's just one of several.  Last week my Diskeeper Defrag reminded me that there was a new and improved version available at an extra charge, same with Nero 9.


                      I realise it is irritating but as it only lasts a moment until you dismiss it, hadly a major issue in my view.



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                        Thanks everyone. Your voice has been heard. I have filed a Feature Modification Request. I can't guarantee the change will be made, but I can ensure your voice has been heard.



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                          Thank you Doug. It's refreshing to have a response other than 'I don't know what the big deal is' or 'others are doing it'.

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