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    WMI logic of benchmark editor


      Hi, all

      I want to creat a custom check with WMI. e.g chck if notepad.exe process are running.


    • WQL Query: A WQL query used to identify the object(s) to test against. Any valid WQL query is usable with one exception, at most one field is allowed in the SELECT portion of the query.
           equals Win32_Process
    • WMI Namespace: Specifies which WMI namespace to query. Each WMI provider normally registers its own WMI namespace and all of the classes within that namespace.
           equals Root\Cimv2
    • Query Result: The expected result of the specified WQL statement against which to compare the actual result. Only one comparable field is allowed.
           equals notepad.exe

      but it doesnot work.  Is there any suggestions?


      while in the wbemtest.exe utility, I can set the query like:

      Select * From Win32_process
      Where name="notepad.exe"

      it works.


      How can I mapping the query language to the user interface??

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          If you want to use WMI to check if 'notepad.exe' is running, then you are almost there.


          WQL Query:

              Equals Select * FROM Win32_Process WHERE name = 'notepad.exe'

          WMI Namespace:

              Equals root\cimv2

          Query Result:

              Equals notepad.exe


          This will result in a PASS if the criteria is met. Additionally, you can change "Equals notepad.exe" to "Not Equals notepad.exe" if you need the check to fail if the criteria is met.



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