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    Firefox container

      I am running Viruscan II 2010. I was using Firefox browser and the plugin container wanted internet access (Viruscan flag). I didn't know what that was so I selected "block".

      After researching, I have found that it should have net access.

      My question: how do I unblock this? I checked program permissions, blocked sites, etc but no joy.

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          Hey , open the Security Center, go to Web&Email protection , Firewall , Program permissions and change it's access to full , you will find it there for sure just look closer



          on 7/26/10 3:06:56 PM CDT
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            El Perfecto! I looked carefully and found it. Clicked EDIT and changed it to FULL permission.

            Thanks! You get a gold star today.

            Now...if I could just fix that stupid  Mcafee memory location fault at shut down.......

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              Peter M

              tutr2, that's being worked on, so we are told.  Glad your other problemn was fixed by DoZe.

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                Thanks for the star mate , " closer " wasn't really the word to use above, but well you know what i meant , cheers

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                  I have the same problem but I couldn't do what you suggested. After I clicked on firewall the only options I got was 2 tabs. Restore defaults,   or Turn On. Nothing showing Program Permissions. I noticed you said to look closely but where is it? It is very frustrating that I paid for this and McAfee will not give me any customer service unless I pay more. When my subscription is up I will go to a different company that actually cares about their customers. Need help please.

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                    I have not researched this, but are you logged in as Administrator for your PC?

                    If not, does that limit your menu choices? (expert mode vs basic)

                    OOps....I  turned that into a question.

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                      I believe I am. McAfee came with my dell laptop. I wanted to just delete McAfee and reinstall but I couldn't find the program with the disks I got with the laptop. Could I download McAfee from their website? I don't have any sort of license key or anything.

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                        I just checked and there seems to be only one user for this computer.