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    Masked malware named iptyr.exe disables McAfee update function!

      iptyr.exe is a masked malware which is reported as uninfected by McAfee AntiVirus disables SecurityCentre's update function!


      Name: iptyr.exe

      Location: %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\iptyr.exe


      McAfee SecurityCentre gives the following warning after 8 days:


      Only a "Fix" action updates the definitions.


      This shook my confidence in McAfee's ability to protect my computer.


      iptyr.exe is disguised as a system file in windows & thus remains hidden.


      Googling for "iptyr.exe" shows that is is a newly reported file.


      I was able to delete the file & associated registry entries using Unlocker 1.9.0, regedit.exe & Autoruns for windows:




      Afterwards, the update function of McAfee Security Centre started working again.


      McAfee needs to udate its definitions to include this malware immediately before iptyr.exe becomes a epidemic & destroys McAfee's reputation.