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    Client Homepage loop


      One of our clients passes through to the internet with no filter in between. We are testing the Web Gateway 7 as a proxy and whenever any user tries to browse to a site on the internet or type in an address in the address bar it always loops back to our internal homepage. Can anyone think of a reason why this might be happening?

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          Jon Scholten

          Hello ittech,


          As far as your issue goes, there is nothing by default that I would imagine could cause this. Perhaps there is a rule in place to have it redirect to the homepage and it has went awry? Is there anything in the configuration to have it do something like this or anything similar?



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            Actually I called tech support and they were really helpful. They analyzed some packets and apparently somewhere between the MWG7 and my remote location I have a problem. The MWG7 recieves a request for access and sends back a request for authentication, but that authentication request is being thrown away by one of my devices in between the gateway and client. So that sound like fun trying to figure out.