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    ePO 4.0 - Some Clients Product, DAT Version Show BLANK Even Though Client Is Up-To-Date


      I have an ePO deployment that maintains McAfee products on several types of servers and workstations. About thirty of the managed clients, all Microsoft OS's, started reporting as non-compliant. The reasons differ: Some will show that the Virusscan Product will be blank. Others will show no DAT or an out-of-date DAT.


      However, when you visit the client locally, everything is up-to-date, all products are installed and the DAT's are current.


      I bring up the Command Agent and run the Collect and Send Props. It reports sending info to the ePO server, but still nothing changes.


      What could be causing this? And how can if be fixed?


      I've tried many things including the reinstall of the McAfee Agent.


      Thanks in advance.