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    Recover the Solidcore command line from a script.

      Hello community,


      We are deploying windows patches via Landesk and using a batch file script to automate the process.  We  would like to control putting the host that is being patched into update mode from within the script.  We have run into a problem with handing off the password that is used to recover the command line.  Solidcore is not handling the password in the expected mannor and fails to take the next step by unlocking the command line.  Does anyone have any experience with recovering the Solidcore CLI using a batch file?






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          i've asked the same question and the answer at this point (5.0.2) seems to be 'not possible'.

          If anyone found a workaround i'd like to hear it too of course.

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            Solidcore do not allow recover cli password to pass to a batch file. There are a few options depending on Solidifier versions deployed.


            1. Execute a group command from System Controller to change all hosts within group into update mode.

            group execute <group_name> bu


            2. Use a third party software like AutoIT to embed the password in a batch and compile the batch file to an executable. Call the executable within the batch file.

            3. Solidifier version 4.9.0 and above can run the script under trusted user credentials. Trusted users can unlock cli without password prompt.

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              Robert - Thanks for the info. It is much appreciated.


              I have another question for you sir.  When we recover the command line from the Analytics console at the group level on an entire group of hosts, is there a time limit on how long those CLI's will stay recovered?  Will they lock back down automatically under any circumstances?  We actually would like for them to stay open for a couple of days while we work through this project.  We are concerned that they might lock back down unexpectedly.


              Thanks in advance!




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                Hello Howard,


                I assume you have a task/schedule to apply an updater profile against a group.


                Analytics push the command to System Controller which execute group command for the group. Solidifier local cli will stay recover unless a new connection is establish between System Controller and Solidifier. The new session will determine the local cli is lockdown or recovery state. This is determine when hosts are added to System Controller through Analytics UI. You have an option to restrict or allow cli access when hosts are added in Analytics. System Controller check hosts properties if lockdown status should be lock or recover.


                I hope this help.





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