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    Fixed IP x DHCP

      Hello everybody,



      I am trying to configure a Firewall Enterprise 8 in my network but there is something strange happenning.

      Servers with IP fixed addresses are getting blocked by firewall enterprise. If I change the server´s configuration to obtain the IP by DHCP, everyting works fine.

      I have revised my rules and everyting seems to be correct.

      Is there some kind of trick to make the traffic passes by firewall enterprise for machines with fixed IP addresses?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Sorry guys,


          Actually the DHCP server administrator swore to God that there was no parameters configured in the machines through the DHCP server. After dispending a couple hours thinking about why the hell this was happening, I decided to check the DHCP server and discovered that the server configures a different default route, and because of that, the traffic was not passing through the firewall enterprise. This is embarrassing.


          I am still trying to fix my rules in order to get the traffic being allowed through firewall enteprise, but this is another question.