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    Excluding files from On Access Scanning (Where to and How to?)

      I hope that i have posted this in the correct location.. Fingers crossed...


      I'm having issues with on access scanning on my server. If i set an exclusion by changing the on-access scan properties, by going to "all processes" and clicking the tab exclusions, within about 5 mins i has been removed?


      I take it that i have a policy set that overrides the change. Should i be able to make the change here or should i be making the change in the ePO? Not having experience of the ePO i wasn't sure where to add this exclusion, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction?


      Also if i wanted to exclude all the sub files and folders would i have to enter all of them individually or is it possible to do this within the same exclusion?


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.





      McAfee Enterprise 8.7.0