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    CD ROM tray opens up for no reason.

      It occasionally happened before I had to wipe my drive less then a month ago but now it seems to be happening more.  I have Dual CD ROM drives and the one on the bottom (CD DVD recordable) is malfunctioning.  I have a new one but haven't installed it yet.  Since the one on the bottom isn't working right I have been using the top one (DVD player) to load a cd game or whatever needs to run on a disc.  Yesterday I was on the Internet and the top drive tray opens for no reason.  Nothing else was open except my browser.  Another time the top drive just starts running for no reason again and asks if I want to play, update, uninstall, quit since there was a game disc in there.  So I just clicked quit since I didn't want to load it in the first place.  I say there is no reason but really there is a reason for it doing that, I'm just saying I didn't tell it to run, open, or anything.  Just a little while ago the top tray opens up.  I didn't tell it to and there is nothing running that would have it open up.  Is the top disc drive malfunctioning also?  I can't imagine it would cause it hasn't been used as much as the bottom drive has.  I'm replacing the bottom drive tomorrow but I don't see how that would fix the upper drive.  Maybe there are drivers for the CDROMs that I need to reinstall?  How do I find that out?