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    User level in MEE

      Is there any document which lists the user levels and the assigned privileges within MEE?


      - Amiya

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          its up to you how you want to assign them - it's completely free form. There's no relationship between the level and rights, other than the ones you set yourself.

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            No, it is entirely to you.


            They are not related (levels and permissions). You can create weird combinations if you do not plan/test properly.


            If you keep those objectives, you should be fine:

            • do not create to many roles. normally 3 - 4 are enough: user (client), servicedesk (web recovery), admin (EEM), superadmin (reset anyone - emergency only)
            • assign minimum permission sets for each role
            • assign levels in a flexible way, leaving number ranges between them, so you can create another level in-between if situation arises
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              Thanks guys....you both are wonderful =)


              - Amiya

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                The higher is admin 32 lowest is 1

                Need higher level to reset lower level and same level can't reset same level..


                other than that i believe you can freely set yourself.. on other setting..