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    McAfee Total Protection Spam Messages Issues on MicrosoftOutlook

      I have Windows XP Professional notebook Dell with MS Office and Outlook 2003 installed.


      When Internet Security was up and running on version 9.0 I have realized that everytime I marked a message using those Outlook McAfee complement bar to indicated that message is a spam. Then on situations like that this spam goes to spam inbox and all the time the same sender e-mail address sends a message it goes and is moved directly to the McAfeee Anti-Spam inbox.


      With the McAfee Security Center 10.5, compile 10.5.194, I realized that the same spammer address message, who was previously selected and choosen to be moved by MS Outlook to the McAfee Anti-spam inbox when arrived, now goes to my main inbox and it is not moved to where is supposed to go!


      For me looks like it is not working as it supposed to be.


      The itens marked on the Resources, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spam levels of protection is the third one (balanced / recommeded).

      The itens marked on the Resources, Anti-Spam,E-mail Processing is:


      Under After marking e-mails..:

      1s option is marked.


      Under Other Rules:

      not marked ignore e-mails over x Kb.

      marked updated spam every 15 min.

      Under Notify McAfee:

      1st option: not marked

      2nd option marked

      3rd option: marked


      Can yopu help me ?

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          Hi edufrnslv,


          Please check the following settings on MS - Outlook as mentioned below :


          > Open MS - Outlook - click on Help  - About Microsoft outlook - Click Disabled items and then check if McAfee Anti-spam is disabled, if yes then please enable. After doing this check if spam mails are moved directly to McAfee Anti spam folder or not.


          Hope this helps you...!




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            Funny is that MS Outlook has McAfee bar on the top of my MS Outlook bars, however by following your request to find information, when I was in the HELP menu and in the About  area then I realized that McAfee is not listed among disabled itens.


            Moreover it was working previously and for so many years.


            Recently I was recommended to install and run the removal tool from McAfee because of an awkward message informing the license was about to expire; downloaded the software from McAfee website for an installation. So these updates to McAfee anti-spam in the last few weeks have caused this to happen...Please let me know when this product will be working to satisfy and please the customer.