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    Total Protection Crashes with Message From Website Pop-Up

      Hi All,


      I am getting totally frustrated with McAfee crashing


      I am running Windows 7 and have latest version of McAfee Total Protection installed. Most of the time I have Firefox, Outlook & Excel 2007 SP2 running as well.


      Every now and then I get multiple blank (transparent or black background) pop-ups on my desktop with no content in the box apart from OK button with the header "Message From Website"


      I click to close the pop-ups and another one appears and so on....


      If I right click on McAfee shield in taskbar I get a blank white box (no content)


      I therefore open TASK MANAGER and close McAfee and then restart it and the problem clears for a few hours.


      Sometimes I also get Visual Basic Runtime errors too !!


      I have trudged through the internet and cannot find anything that relates to this issue


      I have installed and run Malwarebytes and run a full scan and nothing comes up


      I have also noticed on occassions that the pop up box has the message "Out of Memory at Line 23"


      Does anyone have any ideas what is the problem ?







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