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    ePO User Accounts - What are they for and why are they required?

      Hi, I'm extremely new to ePO and I've been trying to install ePO for the past 1 year on and off to little success.


      Currently, I'm jump starting my progress again and trying to install ePO 4.5 again from scratch.


      Based on the ePO 4.5 Product Guide.pdf, under Configuring ePO, I'm required to create ePO user accounts.


      May I know what are these accounts for and are they required?


      My company headcount is only less than 80pax. And the admin who is handling ePO is me and me only. And I'm installing ePO 4.5 on a desktop PC running Windows Server 2003, joined to my domain.


      Is ePO user accounts required in that every employee in my company requires one account such that ePO recognises them as user accounts, thereby allowing the push of software updates to these folks only? Thus the requirement of these user accounts to be created?


      If not, then pls enlighten me what are these user accounts for? Nobody is touching the ePO server except for me alone.