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    Upgrading ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5


      Hi Friends,


      I am planning to upgrade my ePO server from ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5.In existing ePO 4.0 server I have Antivirus & HDLP module installed on it. Kindly let me know what all needs to be taken in to consideration before upgrading.


      * What Backup before upgrading?
      * Points to be considered before upgrading?
      * Supported Agents?

      Thanks in Advance.

      Hardik Kothari

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          I would recommend you download and read the "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 Installation Guide", as this has a whole section entitled "Upgrading to ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5" and as such will cover most, if not all of what you need to know.


          I appreciate that this isn't  perhaps the most "helpful" of answers, but it always helps to read the product documentation..



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