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    Domain Sync with a lot of unmanaged nodes


      Hi there,


      we have a problem with many unmanaged nodes in our epo 4.5 Patch 3.

      We have setup a domain sync (every two hours) which is working well. We have many clients that are working directly at our customers. These nodes doesn´t have contact to our network.The Agents

      are updating over the internet. When they are installed sometimes the duration of "inventory" in epo needs too long and the workstation is shutdowned.Because of this many nodes (>200 nodes) appear in unmanaged state in epo by the

      domain sync.


      Does the domain sync pushes the agent on every domain sync (every 2 hours)?

      I assume that the domain sync only pushes agents on first sync (when the unmanaged nodes are delete manually before domain sync)


      It would be great when the domain sync tries to push agent installation on unmanged nodes.

      Can this be solved in EPO?


      We are using EPO 4.5 with EPO Agent 4.0 and VSE 8.5i Patch 8