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    SSO EEPC6.0.1 with EEFF3.2.5

      Hi All,


          Since EEPC6.0.1 was integrated with EPO but EEFF3.2.5 still running on SB. For now I have setup EEPC6 SSO from AD logon to Windows, It's work fine!!!

      But on the desktop screen EEFF logon appear to enter user and password again. I think EEFF3.2.5 can not use logon credentials from EEPC6. Due to  EEFF managed by EEM and EEPC managed by ePO.


          Have anyone know that can I use SSO between EEPC6.0.1 and EEFF3.2.5?


      If can not I have to downgrade to EEPC5.2.4 for getting the SSO completely.

      I heard new EEFF gonna be released soon within half year later. How I gonna do??


      Thank you